Integrated VCAL Projects connected to the real world.

This year in June, a colleague and myself presented at the VALA conference at Monash Uni.

The premise of the conference was – “To engage and support 21st century students on their journey towards independent adulthood we need to strike a balance between engaging the Head ( knowledge and theory), Hands ( practical application/skills) and Heart ( wellbeing and connectedness).

My colleague and I decided to use our wealth of knowledge on ‘the real world’ and ‘VCAL teaching’.

If you don’t know about me, I have only been teaching for 2 years. Previous to this, I was managing pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. I was also a Sales Rep and State Customer Manager for a multi-national company. My colleague has been teaching for over seven years and is a former VCAL coordinator for our school.

I’m a big believer in connecting students to the real world, and I am also a big believer in connecting my students to the broader community. This not only increases engagement with my students, but it also helps with the “why are we doing this?” question you invariably get when completing projects.

So here is my first resource for the blog – I must thank my colleague for creating and presenting this with me –  “Integrated VCAL projects connected to the real world

Please leave a comment if you find the presentation helpful, or leave me a comment if you wish further clarification on anything.




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